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Content Management System

A Content Management System is simply a fancy way of saying how to manage your
website's information (or content) as well as images and even managing your online members, etc.

With an ever increasing amount of information that organisation's want to present through their website, the managing of this information can become time consuming, confusing or even overwhelming.

Geek Boy Technultancy provides a Content Management System called Drupal.

In setting up your website, Geek Boy Technultancy only charges for the time involved to install and set up the Drupal Content Management System ready for the organisation's use. The cost of the software is free as in Open Source software. Once the Drupal software is installed and handed over, your organisation has the ability to update it's own website pages using Drupal.

Making the decision to implement a Website or Content Management System will have an impact on your organisation's processes.

Geek Boy Technultancy provides consultation and assessment to ensure that the website works with your organisation's processes.

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